National Eyewear Day — 6 June

Glasses have gone from a one-time “geek necessity” to a cool “fashion accessory.” National Eyewear Day invites us to celebrate the fact that glasses, besides correcting our vision, can help create a whole new appearance. Honestly, many of us wear non-prescription glasses simply because we like the way they make us look.

The good news? Today we can choose from virtually endless styles, shapes, and colors.

Plus, tech has changed the mechanics of eyewear forever. New “smart” prescription lenses can now automatically switch focus from far to near and back again — thanks to liquid crystal-activated sensors on the frame. National Eyewear Day reminds us to take a moment on June 6 to think about how far we’ve come from old-school trifocals.

As for sunglasses ? They deserve a day of their very own.

11 months from now
6 June