National Fun at Work Day — 31 January

As if Fridays couldn’t get any better around the office, National Fun at Work Day falls on the fourth Friday of January! Whether you work for a small office or a large organization, injecting fun into the workplace is a great way to bond with coworkers, boost team morale, gain inspiration, and even increase productivity. National Fun at Work Day was created to foster happiness and humor in the office and bring employees together. So, rally your coworkers and bosses and brainstorm ways to best celebrate. From parties, potlucks, goodies, games, awards, and more, there’s no wrong way to celebrate National Fun at Work Day — you just need to bring the fun!

Boosting team morale with fun in an effort to reach a shared goal is a timeless method that has been used by chiefs, commanders, and rulers for centuries. From inspiring speeches to motivating songs, smart leaders seek to create a fun work environment that increases efficiency. Modern methods for achieving this goal range from company retreats and team building exercises to offsite parties and office perks.

National Fun at Work Day encourages a break from the monotony of the work day with a dose of fun all within office walls — no need to plan an elaborate field trip! Not sure fun belongs in the workplace? Think again. Evidence shows that when employees are happy, organizations thrive. Specifically, happy employees are more productive, successful, and loyal than unhappy employees. Not to mention, happy employees are less stressed and take fewer sick days than their unhappy coworkers.

Regardless of your office’s culture, no one is immune from falling into a work routine, feeling stressed, or prioritizing work over relationships and other passions. National Fun at Work Day is a great opportunity to inject fun into your workplace, reconnect with coworkers, foster new relationships with team members, relax and recharge, and above all, have fun!

If you’re still worried about taking a break during the workday, you never know what ideas, inspiration, or connections will occur when you take the time to engage in office fun. National Fun at Work Day is all about boosting employee happiness and promoting a better work/life balance. No matter how you choose to spend National Fun at Work Day, the end result is definitely worth celebrating!

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31 January