National Pasta Day — 17 October

What is National Pasta Day?

National Pasta day is celebrated every October 17. The folks who created pasta definitely knew what they were doing. Hundreds of years of Italian tradition go into this simple meal. Each October, we devote a special day to this incredible dish. Pasta come in many shapes and sizes but no matter the form, it’s something nearly every American Family has grown up with.

National Pasta Day Related Holidays

National Spaghetti Day 

Red sauce with meatballs, or blanketed in bolognese, spaghetti is no doubt one of our favorite pastas. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and pile on the parmesan cheese while your pasta is still hot! National Spaghetti Day is celebrated annually on January 4. 

National Fettuccine Alfredo Day

Creamy white sauce that’s delicious with chicken, shrimp, or even plain! Fettuccine Alfredo is a comforting and heart warming dish that is no doubt celebrated by cheesy pasta lovers everywhere. National Fettuccine Alfredo Day is celebrated yearly on February 7.

National Tortellini Day 

Pillows of pasta stuffed with a tasty filling, National Tortellini Day falls on February 13 every year. The fabled story of the tortellini’s conception involves the Goddess Venus and a peeping tom tavern owner. To read more about the tortellini’s shape, check out our page for National Tortellini Day! 

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