National Sewing Machine Day — 13 June

Do the names Elias Howe or Isaac Singer mean anything to you? If you’ve ever taken a Home Ec course (or even worn clothes, for that matter) they should — those two gentlemen are credited with the invention of the modern sewing machine. While the wheel, telephone, and personal computer get a lot of the glory for changing how humans live, the sewing machine is somewhat of an unsung hero. Without it, however, we’d still be squinting to thread needles and stitching together our shirts and suits by hand. Whether you want a simple set of curtains to block out the bright sun, or just aren’t satisfied by shopping off the rack, sewing machines are handy appliances that deserve accolades. Dream up some custom couture and celebrate National Sewing Machine Day this June 13.

Added bonus for National Sewing Machine Day: Japanese fashion company Uniqlo is offering FREE alterations on all pants and denim for today only! Uniqlo has clothes for men, women and kids.

6 months from now
13 June