National Wiener Schnitzel Day — 9 September

National Wiener Schnitzel Day is served up every September 9.  Contrary to what most Americans know, Wiener Schnitzel isn’t just a chain restaurant. In fact, a Wiener Schnitzel is a veal cutlet coated in bread and then pan-fried. This renowned dish is considered an Austrian delicacy in its beautiful capital, Vienna.

Wiener Schnitzel, (again, the dish, not the restaurant chain,) is so iconic that there are copycat recipes all over the world. For example, in America,  there’s the ever-popular chicken-fried steak and in Japan, tonkatsu, a breaded and deep-friend pork cutlet. But you haven’t lived until you savor an authentic dish of Wiener Schnitzel. There are lots of pretenders to the throne but for the real deal, head to Austria. If you do a culinary tour of Europe, put this incredible dish — Wiener Schnitzel — at the top of your  bucket list! 

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9 September