International Day of the Nacho — 21 October

What is International Day of the Nacho?

The International Day of the Nacho is October 21. It’s one of America’s favorite Tex-Mex treats and you get permission to eat nachos for a full 24 hours! This day should be full of nachos in all their delicious forms, covered with just cheese or with all kinds of delicious additions, like black beans, olives, guacamole, chili — you name it!

International Day of the Nacho-Related Holidays   

National Taco Day

Whether flour, corn, folded or not; National Taco Day targets all extreme taco-loving foodies! You have permission to eat tacos in all its guises. You can check out your favorite taqueria for the authentic taco experience with all the add-ons including guacamole, salsa or even a good fish taco for something unique. The main idea is to wolf down tacos as a celebration of diversity in cuisine and in culture.

National Fast Food Day

As much as we hate to admit it, eating fast food isn’t the most nutritious thing in the world but it’s definitely the most fun! More than that, it’s fast and that’s the whole point of the exercise. Sometimes, after working all day, you just don’t want to labor in the kitchen for another hour. You want to eat – NOW! That’s why National Fast Food Day is a no-brainer.

National Crunchy Taco Day

The subject of much debate, the crunchy taco is either loved or reviled among taco connoisseur’s but regardless these tortilla tribulations make for some darn good eats. Surely we can all agree to put aside our differences and just enjoy that tacos exist and they love us. 

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The International Day of the Nacho is October 21 and its  centers around Ignacio Anaya, who worked at the Old Victory Club in Piedras Negras in 1943.  The Old Victory Club was situated near an American military base. One day, a group of American military wives went on a shopping trip. When they were done, hungry, they approached several restaurants but all of the restaurants in town were already closed.  With stomachs rumbling, the women approached the last open restaurant, the Old Victory Club.

 As the nachos legend continues, Ignacio Anaya worked either as a chef or a maitre d’ and because the restaurant rush was over, there wasn’t that much food left to offer the group. Feeling a bit sorry for them, Anaya offered to see what he could find and prepare himself. Eventually, he came out with a new Mexican hors d’oeuvre, a “nacho special.” Here’s some added trivia — Ignacio named the dish after himself because “Nacho” is short for Ignacio. According to “Time” magazine, Ignacio “sliced and fried some tortilla chips, covered them with shredded cheddar and sliced jalapenos and put the concoction in the oven for a couple of minutes.”  The result was a new Tex-Mex classic dish that Americans and Mexicans have enjoyed ever since!

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