Drake's Birthday — 24 October

What is Drake’s Birthday?

Aubrey Drake Graham, known around the world as Drake, is a hip hop superstar with a birthday on October 24. Since his breakout debut at age 21, he’s been challenging expectations about what a rapper and a celebrity should be. On his birthday, let’s celebrate his life, artistry, and huge cultural impact. After all, he gets credit for turning the phrase “YOLO” into a worldwide phenomenon.

Drake’s Birthday Related Holidays

Rihanna’s Birthday

The on-again off-again relationship has been so publicly played out, it’s made an appearance on every single one of Drake’s albums. Will they ever get back together? Do we want them to get back together? These questions puzzle even the best pop-culture scholars. 

Justin Bieber’s Birthday Canada produces a lot more than just bacon, maple syrup, and Labatt Blue. Fellow pop-star Justin Bieber is also from the Great White North. While Bieber may have never had the TV career Drake did, he was discovered through videos of him performing covers on YouTube. 

National DJ Day What is Drake without DJs? Celebrate the disc jockeys who make sure that Drake’s hottest songs are blasted through club speakers throughout the world. Without DJs so many of us may have never heard of artists like Drake. 

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