National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day — 22 Ocak

Your cat has questions. Today, on National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, January 22, you have to respond.  Look Bella, Max, Delphine or Simba in their hazel, brown or black eyes and tell your cats what they want to know.  For example, you need to explain to your kitty why it’s tuna, tuna, tuna and no  chicken every…freakin’…day.  Or, why can’t you change the litter box just a little more frequently? Little Juju’s nose is sensitive and she’s stuck with a reeking mess all day long while you escape to that mysterious, yet nameless place you go for eight hours everyday. (One of the neighborhood cats said it was someplace called, “work” — whatever that is.)  So just for today, do your cat a favor.  Schedule a binge-watching session of “Garfield” in answer to Derwood’s question, “Why can’t we have better entertainment when you’re gone?” It’s National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.  Make an effort. 

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22 Ocak