National Sticker Day — 13 Ocak

Stickers! Just the word has a happy feel to it. And why wouldn’t it? We love stickers. They are all around us and a part of every day life, though we don’t often realize it. January 13 is National Sticker Day and it’s the perfect day to go crazy with your love of them! The first stickers began as tax and postage stamps in the 1800s, but they have come a long way since then and there are a variety of uses and styles today. There are political stickers, band stickers, and bumper stickers. There are funny, cute, congratulatory, and animal stickers. They are especially popular with children, who often collect them in sticker books, but are for everyone and every taste, regardless of age. On January 13, unleash your inner child and get creative with some stickers!

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13 Ocak