Cheap Flight Day — 23 Ağustos

Hopefully, you globetrotters marked your calendars for Cheap Flight Day, August 23, well in advance. While many people associate late-August with back to school shopping, cost-conscious travelers look forward to this as a season of discounted airfare. With kids returning to school and summer vacations coming to an end, now is the time to take advantage of “end of season” travel deals. Don’t miss your final boarding call — check out those cheap deals today!

Remember when “staycations” became a thing during the financial crisis of 2007 – 2010? Despite many people choosing to stay home and be a tourist in their own city to save some cash, the rise of low-budget vacationing also took off. Of course, the trend never left because who doesn’t love cheap(er) travel?   With the average vacation costing $1200 per person, saving money is serious business. Disrupting the landscape of the tourism industry in 2005, Airbnb entered the market as an alternative for travelers to stay in homes at a typically cheaper rate than most hotels. This desire to save money holds true for air travel as well which is why Cheap Flight Day is so popular.   The beauty of air travel is that the possibilities are endless. Once considered faraway, unreachable places have become travel reality with the increased visibility on social media, TV channels dedicated to travel and the evolution of the travel blogger pointing you in the right direction with first-hand travel 411. So, the trick is to get there within budget.   Dozens of cheap airfare websites are a click away. However, none will deliver the cheapest flight every time. Check out these recommendations for finding .   Wheels up!

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